Working With Mercy Goods

 We firmly believe that God is in control of our business and our lives.

His influence was evident when He led us to Mercy Goods. Mercy Goods is a Richmond, TX, social enterprise program, part of Attack Poverty, which works to improve at-risk youth's financial, social, and environmental well-being.

Justin and Zach, Director of Mercy Goods, worked together to help at-risk youth associated with the program. The two were visiting with a young man's family, who needed help repairing parts of his family's house.

A Home In Disrepair

The family, comprised of two adults with high school children and their dog Cinnamon, had no beds within their home. Initially, the plan was to provide new flooring and beds. The plan quickly grew into a complete house renovation.

We Needed to Do More

We realized that more help was needed since their home was in immediate need of substantial repairs. We had the right resources and experience to help make this family's house a home. The rest came from others in the community who partnered with us to make this family's dream a reality.

Our crew swiftly gutted the three-bedroom, 1,000 square foot home, and the work to rebuild began. The bathroom was completely rebuilt from the ground up. New Drywall, insulation, cabinets, flooring, countertops, trim and new appliances were installed throughout the home. Once completed, we finished by furnishing the house, and other contributors donated groceries for the brand-new refrigerator.

With the help of our expert team and other contributors, everything that we needed to restore the house came together within weeks of the Christmas holiday.

The grateful family, who had fallen on hard times due to unforeseen circumstances and health issues, essentially had a new home. Even their dog, Cinnamon, who initially wanted nothing to do with us, had a new attitude and a new dog house by the end of the project.



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